sonic 2

My name is Luke.

I like videogames. I used to love them, but over the years I’ve become bitter and cynical. I stopped playing completely at one point. I had no desire to play them and when I tried I could only manage a few minutes before getting fed up. Luckily I have overcome that particular problem and find myself enjoying them once again! They make me feel things, which is wonderful. Joy, sadness, anger. Mostly anger.

I have 2 favourite games. The first is Sonic 2. To me, this game is perfect. The speed, the music, the way it looks. I loved this game so much as a child that I used to draw pictures of the levels, enemies and Sonic. So many Sonics. My mum can probably still tell you the name of the levels from the music, such was my obsession with it. It still looks and plays great and it’s a shame that Sonic never managed to be this good again.

The second is Street Fighter 4/Super Street Fighter 4/Ultra Street Fighter 4. When I started playing this game, I was terrible. I played a few games online, I was completely destroyed and I stopped playing. I wasn’t happy with that, though. I watched other people play, I read about the game and I wanted to get better. This is the first game I played where I went out of my way to learn and improve. The first game to make me analyse my own gameplay to improve. You have to think and adapt all the time. It changed the way I look at games and it sucked me in. Over time I became okay at it. Not great, probably not even good. I had so much fun doing it.


I’m going to talk about games a lot. I will talk about fighting games a lot. I want to use this as a chance to write about a medium that I feel close to and that I feel a part of. To reflect on the games that I spend my limited free time on.

I will throw in some other bits and pieces (personal stories, books, films.) just to spice it up.


Hopefully it’s not too dull.


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