Overwatch Beta Weekend

I spent the last weekend playing Overwatch. Blizzard’s new game is an objective-based first person shooter. There are 21 characters to pick from, with uniques skills and different roles to play.

It’s a lot of fun. The characters all feel different and are easily recognisable. The roles are damage dealers,  defence heroes (which consists of defensive heroes, snipers and builders), tanks and support. As your team is picking, the game will tell you if you are in need of certain roles. You can change character any time you die, or revisit your home base if you feel a certain character isn’t working out, or your team is in need of something.

The game seems well suited to close games. I did not experience very many walk over games during my time playing, with a lot of them going into overtime.

It was a good time and I can see it being very good to play with a full team and voice chat. Only once did someone say anything, turning on their mic purely to ask for a healer.I obliged and we stomped the other team. It was a good shout.

Oh and each game is ended with a highlight:


I’m looking forward to see how the game develops and spending some more time with it.


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