I finally made it to Gold rank in Street Fighter V! It’s not the world’s greatest achievement and there are still thousands of players higher ranked and many more that are better than I am, but it’s something I am proud of. I think it puts me inside the top 1% of ranked players. I’m not sure I’m actually good enough to be gold ranked, however good that is. I think that mostly people are unfamiliar with playing against my character. It’s cool though, to feel like I have understood the game enough to get to this point and hopefully I can push even further.

I spoke previously about Street Fighter 4 changing the way I viewed games. When I started playing it I was terrible. Genuinely. I could jump and sometimes manage special moves. I jumped a lot. I got smashed a lot. I was upset. I wanted to win. I started watching some of the best players play and reading forum posts. I started to improve! I started watching my own replays and thinking about what I did wrong in the games I lost and trying to change it.

Now, having reached this new rank, I feel like it’s finally paying off. I know I’m still doing stuff wrong, but I know it’s wrong as it’s happening and I can adapt mid-game, rather than several games later. There’s a lot of things I want to improve about my gameplay and maybe it can help me make the next step up.

Here’s my Gold rank achieving game: –


I do still rage-quit from time to time, though. I’m only human.


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