I am a lazy and unfocused person. I am indecisive and I find it very hard to motivate myself to do just about anything. When it comes to playing games, I am spoilt for choice. I will sit and do quite literally nothing, rather than just pick something.

I have been talking about the games I have finished in the last few entries and there’s a lot more of those to go. I have managed to focus and concentrate long enough to actually finish some. I need to really force myself to play others. It’s silly, because I know I will enjoy them, but given no direction I will play Overwatch  or Street Fighter all day. What I am going to do is outline my week here and then I can come back and review my progress in another post at the weekend. That way I will have a reason to do it. Something keeping me on track. I am a fully grown adult capable of living by myself, I swear.

Tuesday: Final Fantasy VI – I just started it. I’ve got out of the first town and my party currently consists of Terra and Locke.

Wednesday: Borderlands 2 – I’ve just started again. I’m Axton and I have arrived in Liar’s Berg, but not done any of the quests.

Thursday: Punch Club – I lost a fight and some guy liked my fighting and invited me to work for him? I wasn’t paying too much attention. I might start over.

Friday: Uncharted 2 – Sully just bailed me out of Turkish prison. Still near the start I think.

Saturday: I will either restart Witcher 3 or Final Fantasy X.


Football and Overwatch will get in the way a bit, but let’s see how this goes. Maybe I can finally play some of the games I have.


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