Street Fighter V – Story Mode

I love Street Fighter. The gameplay is top notch and I have put a lot of time into it.


But good grief, Capcom have shit the bed with this game.


The release was not smooth. They decided to release 16 characters initially and 6 more as a “season” of DLC, which you can buy with real money or in-game currency. Fair enough. The game also released with a barebones story for each character (3 or 4 fights), no trials, no shop, a dreadful tutorial and a hit-or-miss online system. There was no punishment for leaving games earlier, bad servers and huge maintenance periods.

They promised that trials, daily challenges, a cinematic story and the store would all be coming. The DLC characters were scheduled for every month, the trials, daily challenges and store were to be added in March and the cinematic story set for June.


The trials and in-game money shop released at the very end of March, with Alex, the first DLC character. Just about in time. The trailer and announcement for Alex came about 5 minutes before he released. At the end of April Guile was released.


And now here we are! Still no challenges. And Ibuki (May’s character), Balrog (June’s character) and the JUNE STORY MODE all released on July 1st.

The story mode itself is BAD. It’s like a low quality, 3 hour animated movie. It jumps about all over the place. Some characters are only used once during the Karin and F.A.N.G. show. It’s incredibly easy, to the point of being impossible to fail. The models on the background characters are, to be perfectly honest, shit. Some of the ninjas that show up look like PS1 era wrestling game models. They wasted time shoe-horning in as many nothing background characters as they could. They delayed everything for this.


So great. 2 delayed characters, a delayed, bad mode. No challenges. A canceled real money system. The real problem? There’s still no punishment for people that rage quit (unless they do it 90% of the time), the connections are still terrible (I got disconnected twice PLAYING THE STORY), the maintenance periods are 8 hours long…why? There are so many problems with the game that they have just ignored to put out something terrible that should have been included at the start of the game.


I think I am done with the game. I will dip in from time to time to try the new characters, but unless they release a character I actually care about (read: Oro), I don’t think I’ll be playing any more.


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