Planning 11/7/16

Planning isn’t really working. I did finish The Walking Dead Season 2, but it took me several days to get through it. It was emotional and I should not have played chapter 5 directly after chapter 4. There’s some more heartbreak in this one and my attachment to some of the characters is going to make this story so, so devastating eventually, I can tell.

I did not get into the rest. I started up both Witcher 3 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, but not enough to really count. The first 5 minutes of both.

There is a reason! I got really into World of Warcraft again, after a bit of a break from it. I’ll go into some more detail in another post, but it was a good time and it took up far too much of my time.


We can give this another go though, there’s no harm in trying! If I put World of Warcraft every day, it might actually be right…

Tuesday: Neverwinter – Neverwinter is paid early access on PS4 from tomorrow and my Dad wants me to play with him! I know of Neverwinter, but not really sure what to expect from a console MMO. Should be fun!

Wednesday: Undertale – I can’t keep putting Undertale off, I want to read and talk to people about it, rather than just seeing that it’s amazing, but no being able to go any further for fear of spoiling it for myself.

NOTE: Both of these days will be interrupted by World of Warcraft, server resets in EU happen on Wednesday morning, so I will be finishing up and starting afresh the weekly housekeeping quests!

Thursday: The Witcher 3 – I keep saying I’ll give this game a second chance and when I started it up, I jumped into the options and cleaned up a few of the things that annoyed me about it (colourblind mode, no weird fish eye witcher senses), so it should be more friendly to me this time around.

Friday: Uncharted 2 – Another game I should give a fair shake. I don’t care for the series, but I have only played a little bit. I’m probably being unfair.

NOTE: There is an Elusive Contract out on Hitman on Friday, so this will take up some of my time. Not too much, though, The Twin will meet the same fate as the previous Elusive Targets.

Saturday & Sunday: EVO (The biggest fighting game tournament in the world) is happening this weekend, so that will mess with my schedule and sleep a bit. I am only really interested in SFV, but it’s the big one, so I will most likely have it running all day to make sure I don’t miss anything awesome and to support the show. It’s being shown on ESPN 2 and it’s always a good event, so give it a watch!



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