I made the mistake of re-subscribing to World of Warcraft. I say mistake because I know that I am going to lose hours and days of my life to this monster. In fact, in the week since I did it, I have spent around a day on there already.

I stopped my subscription back at the start of the year. I wasn’t playing and, like many people, had burned myself out on the current content. Logging in to do Garrison daily missions and fly around each of the zones looking for the Voidtalon of the Dark Star.

At the end of August Legion (the newest expansion) will be launching, so I wanted to catch up with the game and see if there was anything for me to do. It turns out that there are some things that will no longer be available come the launch of Legion. The Legendary ring questline will no longer be able to be started and the quest will be removed from your log. I never bothered with it at the time, so I have been pushing that along as much as I can, thanks to some helpful catch up mechanics. There is also a mount that drops from the final boss of the current expansion on heroic difficulty that won’t drop once the new content is released. The Grove Warden is obtained by looting an item from the boss and taking it to a different zone for some lore/exposition. It’s not a difficult quest, but there’s no way I am good enough or geared enough to get it. Luckily, my brother is in a raiding guild and hooked me up with a carry!

My sweet Grove Warden and I
You also get a cool little monument for your garrison

I think that there are a lot of people currently trying to get this mount and groups and communities set up to help others get it. It’s cool to see people doing this and it’s always nice to hear about people actually playing together as a community. It’s extra nice for me, because the only time I have ever completed a current piece of content for the game was the Firelands event for the 10th birthday which gave you a Core Hound mount. I was also lucky enough to pick up a Hatespark the Tiny battle pet, which was a pretty rare drop in that event! Now I have the Grove Warden, too, I am almost a real person in World of Warcraft terms.


The real reason I subscribed back up is that when you buy the Origins edition of Overwatch (which you have to buy on console, anyway) you get a Baby Winston pet in World of Warcraft when you link your accounts. As an avid pet battler, I wanted to see him for myself.


He is beautiful! He’s even got a little baby Tesla cannon! I raised him up to level 25 and he’s really strong, too. He’s a “humanoid” type pet, so his passive ability is that he regains health whenever he attacks which fits him as a tank character! He has abilities that are recognisable from Overwatch. His tesla cannon is his main attack, he can also use a leap, similar to his rocket pack jump and put down a shield. He is wonderful.

I’ve been enjoying it a lot and between staring at Baby Winston and trying to finish up the quests that I can before the new expansion, I am finding a lot of my time being spent having fun with World of Warcraft again!


One thought on “WoW

  1. Better be careful because you know that WoW is very addictive. I’m saying that from a historic perspective – I’ve been playing for over 11 years and not much time passes without me being neck deep in the adventures of Azeroth and Draenor. Yes, I am looking forward to the new expansion and still nervous with it too.

    Congratz on the mounts and Baby Winston. That’s awesome that you were able to get that done.

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