Dirty DiRT

Dirt Rally is a great game. It’s one of the best rallying games I have ever played. But oh my goodness does it wind me up.

I am not good at the game. I can accept that. I’m not winning every competition, I enter and when I play the online challenges, I am lucky to place in the top 100. Luckily for the offline tournaments, I only need to be top 3 to progress to the next level. Which I can do. Or at least, I could up until the point I am at now.

I’m on the Professional Championship, which is the 3rd or 4th one in. I tried it twice before and failed completely. On the second attempt I caught up quite a bit to end up 4th after the AI had some bad runs (one of them lost 19 minutes on the final course).

So when I was in first place with 2 courses left, I was ecstatic. Then this happened:

Yes, my car had taken a few bumps. But I was driving as carefully as I could, specifically to avoid wrecking, and my car was disqualified anyway, for something I had no control over?!

Of course this meant I finished this course in 16th, which pushed me down to 4th. And then the AI just pushed me out, staying within a couple of seconds of one another on every stage just to screw me over.

I finished 4th overall and it honestly feels like this was done just to screw me over. I was really, really upset. I don’t have a huge amount of desire to play it now, because I feel like it’s a waste of time to put several hours into this championship and have the game conspire against me just to prolong my progress.


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