I am still playing Overwatch. Neverwinter has eaten up a lot of my time and I tend to burn myself out on online, multiplayer games which has happened with Overwatch to an extent. I get frustrated by little niggles or doing poorly and give up and go back to nice peaceful questing.

The developers have been surprisingly active and open, though.

-Balance changes are happening all the time, along with quality of life changes.

-Competitive mode! Gimme rank points.

-A new character was released – Ana, a new support sniper character that I desperately want to be good with.

-A summer games update was released on the sly (sadly it was leaked a few hours before they planned to sneak it out), including new skins, sprays, poses based around an olympic type event and a new Rocket League like mode called Lucioball.

-Another new character, Sombra, has been teased and they have been hiding all sorts of silly messages within videos and other messages for some very dedicated people to decrpyt. These are getting silly, converting this into that to see this to convert it…It’s way over my head, but it’s a neat little game outside the game for those that can do it.

-They have an active forum presence and are putting out streams and videos talking weekly.

I don’t agree with some of the balance changes. D.Va is way too strong now and even though I love him and want him to be the best, so is Zenyatta, but it’s not something I’m worried about because they’ve been so good about watching what people are saying about the changes. It’s refreshing to see a games company trying to keep people happy and make a game that people enjoy. I hope they keep it up!


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