Update #1

This post is an update relating to the things I was playing and trying to play before my absence. I was playing a couple of games and trying to play several more (quite unsuccessfully) and I will now let you know how that went. I am generous.



Last time I posted about Overwatch I was getting burnt out on it. This went all the way with the Sombra ARG garbage and countdown to a countdown to a countdown. The Sombra tease went on for, literally, months and at the end of it, I had very little desire to play Sombra or Overwatch. I still jump into a game every now and then and I like to check in with each new event and have a loot at the new skins, sprays and poses. It’s a good game, I just can’t do multiplayer only stuff for too long anymore.



I was playing this with my dad, but between the two of us working, we were actually mostly playing alone. I was concentrating on a single character, while he decided to level 4 of them. I hit max level and tried to do some end game stuff, but it seems you really should be in a group for it. After hitting max level and gearing up a bit, I didn’t really enjoy the daily grind as much as some other MMOs and lost interest pretty quickly. I did get to see some guy solo a max level dungeon boss dragon after the rest of us had died for over 20 minutes, which was really impressive. I did buy a quasit, he is awesome.


World of Warcraft : Legion

After re-subscribing I went for it and bought the new expansion. I focused on learning how to play my monk in Brewmaster spec and found it to be a lot of fun. For the first time ever I played the expansion in a guild and those first few days were really, really fun. Probably the most fun I have had with the game since first playing the game. Everyone pushing to reach max rank, teaming up to do quests or dungeons. The chat. It was awesome. There’s also no shortage of stuff to do once you hit the max level and it feels less of a grind than it should. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a grind, it can be tedious at times, but it wasn’t unbearable. I stopped playing it though. I am still subscribed and every couple of weeks I feel the urge to play, especially with the new content coming fairly quickly this time around. I just don’t have the time. When I log in, I feel a little lost and it takes me practically all the time I have to think about what I want or need to be doing in the game.


That should do it for #1. There’s more to come, including my 2016 games of the year!


#2 coming soon.




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