I have an issue. A condition that compels me to buy videogames. A lot of the time, I will buy them and play very little of them. Occasionally I won’t play anything at all. It was I’ll just sit in my library, gathering dust or whatever the electronic version of dust is in this post-disc era of gaming.

There are hundreds of games in my library and I have completed very few of them. This is a shame, because I’m sure that those games have their merits and that they exist as more than another number in my collection.

As this is the year of rebuilding myself as a responsible adult, capable of committing to a project and of personal growth, I feel that my games project for the year should be a reasonable commitment. I’m not going to play every game I own. Nor am I going to play the same couple of games every day for the year, regardless of how much I enjoy them.

A game a week. 

For the rest of 2017, I will pick a game every week to be the focus of my free time.

That’s not to say that I will only play one game a week, however. Let’s lay down some ground rules.

  • At least one new game per week, every week for the rest of the year.
  • It can be a game that I have played before 2017, or a completely new game, but not a game that I have already used in the project.
  • I will play for at least 5 hours, unless the game happens to be shorter than 5 hours in length.


Nothing too complicated, or strict. 5 hours means that I can give it an hour a night during the week at the very least and gives me the weekend to either continue with it, or play something else. There’s no hard limit on how many I can play in a week, so I can play as much as I want as long as there’s one new game.

Obviously there will be some weeks that I am unable to play, but for now we’ll say that by my count there are 46 weeks left of the year, giving us a target of 46 games.

Game #1: Nioh

Nioh came out recently and it’s what I’m playing at the moment, so it seems a good place to start. I’ll check back in next Monday with my thoughts and game number 2.


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