More stuff that I played at the end of last year.

Final Fantasy XV

I was not overly excited about Final Fantasy XV when it was announced or when they started to show stuff from the game. I prefer turn based JRPGs and I also prefer the more…traditionally styled Final Fantasy games (to try to be clear, I prefer 9 to 7). As with many games though, I was sucked into the launch hype and bought it on release. It was surprisingly good and while the game has its flaws, it was easy to overlook them due to its charm and sheer playability. Only at a certain point in the story did the game feel like a grind and the usual end game leveling push was actually painless due to the way experience works in this one. The combat is flashy, although not very deep, the back and forth between the characters is actually well-done and the boss fights are, quite simply, awesome. It was very enjoyable. 


I’ll come right out and say it – Hitman is my favourite non-Pokemon game of the year. The last episode of the first season came out in December and it’s the best one of the lot. One of the best missions ever. The episodic releases worked perfectly, giving ample time to revisit each one and complete different challenges before the next episode came along. The elusive targets are fantastic, showing up for a couple of days and giving you only one chance to complete the mission. It’s been great and I can’t wait to see what they do with it in the next year. 

Pokémon Sun and Moon

I love Pokémon. It was always going to be my personal game of the year. The game starts slow, but it is master crafted Pokémon game. Each trainer is an individual person with their own look and personality, the new Pokémon and re-imagined first generation Pokémon (to celebrate 20 years since the first releases) are, for the most part, great. The story has been changed just enough to keep it both fresh and traditional. It’s just about everything you could ask from a new game in the franchise. 




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