A game a week. That is the challenge I have set myself. To play one new game every week, for the rest of the year. My hope is that by giving my time a bit of structure I can do more with my gaming time than play the same 3 games all year as my collection gets bigger and bigger. It should mean that, at least, I play 46 games in 2017, putting a sizable dent in my gaming backlog. Why not simply stop buying games until I’ve finished with the ones I already own? If only it were that simple…

Week one is over and I played a game. That’s 100%. A huge success. 


I spent this week playing Nioh. I haven’t finished it, but I’ve done everything I can do (at the moment, anyway) in the first 2 areas of the game and a couple of missions from the 3rd. I’ve had a great time. It’s a difficult game and I typically take these types of game slowly, to explore and attempt to minimise the danger, which is working well for me. The most enjoyable parts of the game so far, though, have come when I have thrown caution to the wind and just opened up on an enemy, making full use of the combat skills that I have unlocked and the ki pulse mechanic for restoring energy/stamina. Linking one stance into another, while refreshing the energy and then extending the second combo with repeated, timed button presses before watching your opponent crumple to the ground, asking to be finished off with a pair of swords in the back is ridiculously satisfying.

I also take a huge amount of enjoyment out of sorting through loot and using the blacksmithing system to reforge the weapons and armour for the stats I want and changing their appearance to make myself look pretty.

The levels are probably the weakest part of the game. Some of them are beautiful, well designed, sprawling Japanese environments. Some of them are literally just caves with thin, boring passageways, that also make the combat difficult. These levels are not particularly fun and I can’t say the idea of going back into areas (that I could have happily just run through) for side missions or collection purposes really fills me with enthusiasm.

This shows through a little in the boss areas, too, with each boss room so far basically being an open arena, but the bosses themselves have been varied enough in looks and abilities that they’re still the enjoyable set pieces you’d expect. They’re frustrating, but not unfair and once you learn what to do, all that’s left is to execute it without making too many mistakes.

With that said, screw Tachibana Muneshige.

I’ve enjoyed it a lot and will definitely see it through to the end.

Game #2: Undertale

It’s time that I played Undertale. I’ve heard very good things, but other than positive feelings I have avoided seeing anything about it in the year or so since it came out. I am going in almost completely blind. See you on the other side.


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