Update #1

This post is an update relating to the things I was playing and trying to play before my absence. I was playing a couple of games and trying to play several more (quite unsuccessfully) and I will now let you know how that went. I am generous.



Last time I posted about Overwatch I was getting burnt out on it. This went all the way with the Sombra ARG garbage and countdown to a countdown to a countdown. The Sombra tease went on for, literally, months and at the end of it, I had very little desire to play Sombra or Overwatch. I still jump into a game every now and then and I like to check in with each new event and have a loot at the new skins, sprays and poses. It’s a good game, I just can’t do multiplayer only stuff for too long anymore.



I was playing this with my dad, but between the two of us working, we were actually mostly playing alone. I was concentrating on a single character, while he decided to level 4 of them. I hit max level and tried to do some end game stuff, but it seems you really should be in a group for it. After hitting max level and gearing up a bit, I didn’t really enjoy the daily grind as much as some other MMOs and lost interest pretty quickly. I did get to see some guy solo a max level dungeon boss dragon after the rest of us had died for over 20 minutes, which was really impressive. I did buy a quasit, he is awesome.


World of Warcraft : Legion

After re-subscribing I went for it and bought the new expansion. I focused on learning how to play my monk in Brewmaster spec and found it to be a lot of fun. For the first time ever I played the expansion in a guild and those first few days were really, really fun. Probably the most fun I have had with the game since first playing the game. Everyone pushing to reach max rank, teaming up to do quests or dungeons. The chat. It was awesome. There’s also no shortage of stuff to do once you hit the max level and it feels less of a grind than it should. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a grind, it can be tedious at times, but it wasn’t unbearable. I stopped playing it though. I am still subscribed and every couple of weeks I feel the urge to play, especially with the new content coming fairly quickly this time around. I just don’t have the time. When I log in, I feel a little lost and it takes me practically all the time I have to think about what I want or need to be doing in the game.


That should do it for #1. There’s more to come, including my 2016 games of the year!


#2 coming soon.





I suppose the best thing to do here is just jump into what I have been up to recently.

Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is cool. I’m not sure exactly how far the game I am, but I have killed a fair few bosses now and traversed some pretty cool environments. I love that you can look up at the backgrounds in whatever area you are in and see the places you’ve been to, or are going. It really brings the world together. Some of the bosses have been rough on me. I am currently bashing my head against one and getting some small, slow progress. I could explore another area to give myself a break from the boss, but I am reluctant to give up the souls I have left on the floor of his room.

I’ll get back into this at the weekend, when I can really put some hours into it.


I wasn’t very excited about Nioh when the first trailers showed up. It looked a little goofy. I got hit by the hype though and bought it on release. I played the opening mission and tutorial and I think it seems cool. This will be my go to game for the next few days at least until I get to grips with it.

Pokemon Duel

I gotta catch ’em. I can’t help myself. This is a mobile, turn-based, strategy thing with pokemon figures and my collection disease wants to play it despite my brain thinking that it might actually suck. It has the always fun mobile pay to win problem where my free to play team of small pokemon does not stand a chance against the big spender squad that I am matched with, full of legendary pokemon.

Tales of Berseria

This is my first Tales game and it is fun. It scratches the JRPG itch that I have. I like what I have seen so far, but the environments seem lazily done. They’re very basic in both looks and function. The movement around the overworld is the same and it gives the game the feel of a previous generation game. The combat seems to be quite deep and there are a lot of tool-tips popping up in the first few hours of the game, but so far I have gotten by just mashing out attacks in almost every fight, so hopefully that is not the case later on in the game.I still have a long way to go, but it’s a nice one to chill out to after picking the controller out of the wall following an hour on Dark Souls.

That’s what I’ve been up to this week. I’ll drop back in presently to catch up on stuff that happened since the last real update in August (it’s quite a bit!)


I have been neglectful. I am guilty of neglect. It’s been several months since I last updated this blog and I have no real excuse. I’ve been doing some real life stuff, playing some games, binging on tv series and all sorts of things, but it’s not as though I haven’t had the time to keep doing this.

So a resolution! This year I am trying to be better at committing to things. Once I start doing something, I want to keep doing it.

I don’t like being one of those people who says they’ll do something and then gives up after a couple of weeks, or in my worst cases, doesn’t bother at all. It’s a flaw that I am not happy with and can actively change.

This blog can be a platform for that change. There’s nothing to stop me updating this frequently except myself.

This weekend I will post a catch up for the games I’ve been playing or have played since the last update and we’ll see about some real life updates, too. From there, I will try to keep a weekly thing going about the games I am playing and I want to (like everyone else) start clearing out the backlog of games I have. With so many exciting releases around the corner, I’m not sure that’s going to be very viable at the moment, but it’s something to think about.

Pokemon Sun and Moon!

Pokemon Sun and Moon!

This is the most excited I have been in a long time. Seeing ice Sandshrew was the highlight of my week/month/year!

I’m a big fan of the Pokemon games still anyway, but they have really nailed the trailers for this one and this trailer is huge. There’s so much going on and it all looks brilliant. Z-Moves are not really my thing, but then I wasn’t big on mega-evolutions at first. The new Pokemon all look great, the regional variations of old Pokemon all look GREAT, the new trial challenge thing looks cool, although I do hope that gyms are still in the games and not being replaced by the challenges.


I honestly can’t wait for the release of these games. November is so far away.

Dirty DiRT

Dirt Rally is a great game. It’s one of the best rallying games I have ever played. But oh my goodness does it wind me up.

I am not good at the game. I can accept that. I’m not winning every competition, I enter and when I play the online challenges, I am lucky to place in the top 100. Luckily for the offline tournaments, I only need to be top 3 to progress to the next level. Which I can do. Or at least, I could up until the point I am at now.

I’m on the Professional Championship, which is the 3rd or 4th one in. I tried it twice before and failed completely. On the second attempt I caught up quite a bit to end up 4th after the AI had some bad runs (one of them lost 19 minutes on the final course).

So when I was in first place with 2 courses left, I was ecstatic. Then this happened:

Yes, my car had taken a few bumps. But I was driving as carefully as I could, specifically to avoid wrecking, and my car was disqualified anyway, for something I had no control over?!

Of course this meant I finished this course in 16th, which pushed me down to 4th. And then the AI just pushed me out, staying within a couple of seconds of one another on every stage just to screw me over.

I finished 4th overall and it honestly feels like this was done just to screw me over. I was really, really upset. I don’t have a huge amount of desire to play it now, because I feel like it’s a waste of time to put several hours into this championship and have the game conspire against me just to prolong my progress.


I made the mistake of re-subscribing to World of Warcraft. I say mistake because I know that I am going to lose hours and days of my life to this monster. In fact, in the week since I did it, I have spent around a day on there already.

I stopped my subscription back at the start of the year. I wasn’t playing and, like many people, had burned myself out on the current content. Logging in to do Garrison daily missions and fly around each of the zones looking for the Voidtalon of the Dark Star.

At the end of August Legion (the newest expansion) will be launching, so I wanted to catch up with the game and see if there was anything for me to do. It turns out that there are some things that will no longer be available come the launch of Legion. The Legendary ring questline will no longer be able to be started and the quest will be removed from your log. I never bothered with it at the time, so I have been pushing that along as much as I can, thanks to some helpful catch up mechanics. There is also a mount that drops from the final boss of the current expansion on heroic difficulty that won’t drop once the new content is released. The Grove Warden is obtained by looting an item from the boss and taking it to a different zone for some lore/exposition. It’s not a difficult quest, but there’s no way I am good enough or geared enough to get it. Luckily, my brother is in a raiding guild and hooked me up with a carry!

My sweet Grove Warden and I
You also get a cool little monument for your garrison

I think that there are a lot of people currently trying to get this mount and groups and communities set up to help others get it. It’s cool to see people doing this and it’s always nice to hear about people actually playing together as a community. It’s extra nice for me, because the only time I have ever completed a current piece of content for the game was the Firelands event for the 10th birthday which gave you a Core Hound mount. I was also lucky enough to pick up a Hatespark the Tiny battle pet, which was a pretty rare drop in that event! Now I have the Grove Warden, too, I am almost a real person in World of Warcraft terms.


The real reason I subscribed back up is that when you buy the Origins edition of Overwatch (which you have to buy on console, anyway) you get a Baby Winston pet in World of Warcraft when you link your accounts. As an avid pet battler, I wanted to see him for myself.


He is beautiful! He’s even got a little baby Tesla cannon! I raised him up to level 25 and he’s really strong, too. He’s a “humanoid” type pet, so his passive ability is that he regains health whenever he attacks which fits him as a tank character! He has abilities that are recognisable from Overwatch. His tesla cannon is his main attack, he can also use a leap, similar to his rocket pack jump and put down a shield. He is wonderful.

I’ve been enjoying it a lot and between staring at Baby Winston and trying to finish up the quests that I can before the new expansion, I am finding a lot of my time being spent having fun with World of Warcraft again!

Planning 11/7/16

Planning isn’t really working. I did finish The Walking Dead Season 2, but it took me several days to get through it. It was emotional and I should not have played chapter 5 directly after chapter 4. There’s some more heartbreak in this one and my attachment to some of the characters is going to make this story so, so devastating eventually, I can tell.

I did not get into the rest. I started up both Witcher 3 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, but not enough to really count. The first 5 minutes of both.

There is a reason! I got really into World of Warcraft again, after a bit of a break from it. I’ll go into some more detail in another post, but it was a good time and it took up far too much of my time.


We can give this another go though, there’s no harm in trying! If I put World of Warcraft every day, it might actually be right…

Tuesday: Neverwinter – Neverwinter is paid early access on PS4 from tomorrow and my Dad wants me to play with him! I know of Neverwinter, but not really sure what to expect from a console MMO. Should be fun!

Wednesday: Undertale – I can’t keep putting Undertale off, I want to read and talk to people about it, rather than just seeing that it’s amazing, but no being able to go any further for fear of spoiling it for myself.

NOTE: Both of these days will be interrupted by World of Warcraft, server resets in EU happen on Wednesday morning, so I will be finishing up and starting afresh the weekly housekeeping quests!

Thursday: The Witcher 3 – I keep saying I’ll give this game a second chance and when I started it up, I jumped into the options and cleaned up a few of the things that annoyed me about it (colourblind mode, no weird fish eye witcher senses), so it should be more friendly to me this time around.

Friday: Uncharted 2 – Another game I should give a fair shake. I don’t care for the series, but I have only played a little bit. I’m probably being unfair.

NOTE: There is an Elusive Contract out on Hitman on Friday, so this will take up some of my time. Not too much, though, The Twin will meet the same fate as the previous Elusive Targets.

Saturday & Sunday: EVO (The biggest fighting game tournament in the world) is happening this weekend, so that will mess with my schedule and sleep a bit. I am only really interested in SFV, but it’s the big one, so I will most likely have it running all day to make sure I don’t miss anything awesome and to support the show. It’s being shown on ESPN 2 and it’s always a good event, so give it a watch!